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Instructions and source code included. I do not offer any support for this. If this did not work for you, either:. Download size with virus is Download size without should be 51 Kb. HI wj32 Whether they will be made to the newer version of the Patch for Windows 10 kernel versions? Intel HD and Nvidia graphics are known issues. If you have either of these in a PC and you want to use the patch, then it is best to use another video card with different chipsets, eg ATI Radeon.

See my posts of Feb. You can try old drivers. I had success with the NVidia- Win7-driver of I cannot get the loader to update, states Failed every time in windows 7. I tried the patchpae and patchpae2 and both fail patching the loader, kernel seems ok. It appears to be a video card issue as I know it works with the default vga driver in safe mode.

The only way you will get the patch to work is to replace your video card with one having other than Nvidia chipsets, eg ATI Radeon , as already mentioned. Must hit reset button.

Again, in safe mode, I see all 8 gigs and runs fine. Misconfig has memory unchecked as well. The original author of the patch spoke perfect English but the guy claiming to the be author and defending the infected patch in the comment section using the name evgeny speaks English poorly.

You are getting confused. The patches are completely separate and independent of one another. The evgeny patch for Win 10 was posted before the latest wj32 Win 10 patch became available. The file link posted by escape75 back in November is an executable program that uses the evegeny patch for win 10 and installs it automatically, no manual input is required except to run the program.

I have not deleted negative comments such as yours because doing so serves no purpose to me. Once again, there is no virus in the file.

AV heuristics naturally come up with false positives. This is one of them. If you are having the same issue, uninstall physical RAM — then you will be able to boot and disable this modification.

Okay, First, this wj32 and patch has been around quite some time and appears to be the most dependable, robust and actively updated one. I am going this route before screwing around with microsoft updates and such. I feel just reloading graphic drivers has much less potential for problems.

I had to use a restore point after messing with too many graphic drivers and created another unrelated issue to the patch.. I forgot I had a ram drive program resident from before. I cancel and reboot with same thing in loop. I will try the nvidia drivers from or so for win 7, this time with a restore point… will update results.

Can someone give me an assurance that this has no virus included at all?? Works very fine on 2 PC with W10 build According to Bitdefender, no virus inside. Thank you very much! Working fine for me. But signing the patched kernel as explained at unawave. Remove watermark with watermark-remover. For my Nvidia Grafic card I use driver version Just a quick update to my Patch PAE, now using fix 0. Hello, I tried wj32 patch early and could not get it to work, tried it again today and it failed to patch winload.

Sir, your patch saved the day. It works flawlessly so far for Windows 7 SP1 Professional in a vmware box. I tried this twice on my windows home I followed the instructions for Pae2, but used the pae3 exe to execute them. The files were created, I checked that after running the commands.

My windows is Many, many, but many thanks. No problems at all, patch installation perfect, no virus I have Bitdefender , no nothing. Less than 5 minutes. I also use EmptyStandbyList works perfectly in a batch file. After some unsuccessful attempts, I downgrade the intel chipset g45 drivers from windows 7 to windows xp, Then I reinstalled PatchPae2 and now works.

I just get the Failed message after trying to patch the loader but patching the kernel is fine. Any way we can resolve this issue? I have a problem in executing the instructions: I have Windows 10 pro, and the message I am getting is: The system cannot find the file specified.

I need specific instructions step by step please. No, check and make sure it is c: Just a quick update to my PatchPAE, now using fix 0. You should uninstall the following patch on Windows7: KB, KB, KB wj32, is it possible to update the patch so it works with the new patches?

I have the current build On reboot it takes windows into auto restore and fails in doing so. Is there a new patch coming? Would be great help. This means that any of the following patches: Can we get a new update for the latest windows 10 release? Official build , anniversary update.

I second this motion. Works fabulous with win 7 -win 10 …. Updated Windows 10 yesterday. Windows 10 Build When started Win 10 it says error in starting windows and tries to repair itself. Which it is not able to do. It then gives various boot options. So started in safe mode, carried out system restore and deleted the patch install leftovers.

Started Win 10 X86 version. Start-up says error in starting up and goes into repair mode. Unable to repair it gives various start up options like re booting , system restore etc. Carried out system restore and deleted residual patch files. Now win 10 working with 6. Could you either update your patchpae or publish source to experienced programmers? Thx, now I can confirm it really works with Creators update The kernel and winload are different in size, as compared to CB kernels.

So in fact the patch only copies the two files without any changes being made to the files itself. Evgeny, can you add support for LTSB builds? Can you upload your winload and ntoskrnl? I just install LTSB and patch works fine. Escorpiom, please upload winload and ntoskrnl. What i did wrong?

I follow strictly the list and in the end of process i get the repair mode when try to load patched boot, and attempts to fix the boot doesnt help. I running win 10 Hi korg for me not work on Windows 10 Build 32 bit where is my fault? Execute the exe-file from evgeny in a window.

windows 10 cpu feature patch

Windows 10: Let's run Win10 on really really old hardware

EmmanuelLambrakis Replied on April 20, Sorry Rui, unfortunately, I then cannot help you further, too: Have run V3 on W10 I do not offer any support for this. The file cannot be downloaded,maybe the link is dead. If you see on screen this, you must see on screen that: And here's the tool to bypass checks for Win8 which should get updated for Win10 once its been out for a bit. Meanwhile Spectre variant 3a could allow ordinary programs to view system information, such as status flags, that should only be visible to low-level system software, such as device drivers or the operating system kernel. Tried many but for me changing power scheme to Ballance helped.

Fixed: CPU Isn't Supported | CPU Isn't Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8

I would recommend doing it if you know what you are doing. You may remember that when patching the Win7-kernel manually you must give the patched file ntkrlICE. But at last with all this patches and improvisations and workarounds: Had you used the correct patch? Windows asked for reactivation after i changed the graphics card, but it verified the license no problem with just a couple clicks.

Windows 10 KB4100347 Spectre patch causing serious issues

windows 10 cpu feature patch

Built in Hard Drives: Remove watermark with watermark-remover. But due to my experiences with Win7 and Win10 in the past it is not a matter of the winversion but a matter of the nvidia-driver-version. Could you please look into new kernel file or publish your source code? Works fine foe me on Windows 10 Home with all latest updates. Working fine for me. PC runs the latest OS: The only way you will get the patch to work is to replace your video card with one having other than Nvidia chipsets, eg ATI Radeon , as already mentioned. These new patches also include new Intel microcode that tackles the recently revealed Foreshadow chip vulnerability. I just re-applied the patch. Gaming hardware drivers for Win7 OK in Win10? What i did wrong? Hello, the following worked for me: Please, can you help me?

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