Command and conquer generals zero hour crack file

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Dikkiboy aguilar First, play china. Then, capture an american base enemy must be more than 1 and 1 should be a usa. Then build 5 to 10 nuke cannons and the same no. Load 1 nuke cannon into each then unload the nuke cannons near the enemy command center.

If they attack, the command center will blow up. Shark When you are playing as China. Build a Nuke Cannon and get it guard Click that button "guard" an area. Any enemy comes will be blow up! Richard Best defence ever! When playing as China, the best thing to do is build a bunker, and put 3 rocket and 2 rifle troops in it. If you make a group of these combined with the minnigun turrets, nothin can get past it.

Then just build at least 5 Aircraft plants, and 3 - 6 Nuke Silos, you got the map set! Pangeran Akbarsyah If you open the command console and type "Russia: Change Cost of weapons: Pangeran Akbarsyah Backup the file before editing!!! It is possible to edit the INI. But you have to use a Hex-Editor. Do not change the lenght of the file or the game will not boot again.

Just Overwrite the Text you need. How to blow up a battalion of infantries: Pangeran Akbarsyah If you are the Chinese make at least 10 inferno tanks and send them all together at once and park them somewhere where your opponent love to send you those rebels or rangers or red guards to sneak on you and once they pass you you can watch the fireworks blow!!!

Pangeran Akbarsyah Bring up the console and type in Russia: Pangeran Akbarsyah Well, tired of those online players that do nothing but build up there defenses? Well here"s the solution! Then after there power and supply center is out they will have trouble knowing when you coming and creating new defenses. At this point simply send in a sizable force of humvees with the tow missile upgrade and full of rangers with capture building.

Simply send them in unload the rangers and capture and sell there base. Pangeran Akbarsyah When you are china, build an airfield and put a speaker tower right behind it.

So when your planes have got damaged in battle they heal faster. To make it even quicker upgrade the speaker towers in the propaganda center. Well there is a simple and cheap way to clear them out. All you need is about 3 USA rangers with the flash grenades upgrade. Then send them to the bunkers and tell them to aim there flash grenades at the bunker. This will kill the 3 rocket soldiers inside and you can then use your rangers to finish off the stinger site with there machine guns.

The only 4 tanks you will ever need: Pangeran Akbarsyah It doesn"t get any easier than this. Build four Overlord tanks. The big ones China has. Two of them must have Propaganda upgrades and the other two need the Chaingun upgrade. It,s also helpful to have the two Nuke upgrades, but thats optional. Because of the Propaganda the Overlord is un-killable in a small group. I took out aprox enemy units and 46 buildings with these bad boys. Its best not to use faster units in this group because they get too far away from the overlords and get killed.

Then make Jarmin shoot the driver out of a construction dozer. Voila you can build chinese or american buildings. Build more than 30 missile defenders and more than 7 snipers, then send your army to the Enemy base! Croneil IF you are Gla you can use a Scutstorm - bug,that means you can always fire scutstorm with out build it!

Send the worker away. Build a tank that can shoot. Shoot with scutstorm anywere on the map with crtl. Generals cheats, codes, hints, FAQs: Prevent enemy from passing: They will stop any enemy movement nearby, even the helicopter combat drop. The Rockets Soldiers will tear any vehicle and airship, while snipers take out Soldiers. You can use this to defend your base or specific places. Helicopter pilots always eject: Quickly use the green drag-box to attempt to select the helicopter as it is falling out of the sky.

You will not actually select the crashing aircraft, but the pilot should eject every time. It will sometimes miss fast objects like the GLA Tech, etc. After that, capture the Chinese base. Build a War Factory and other things. Make another drop of zone.

Then, start making Inferno Cannons. Leave two Overlords at your Chinese base. Then havve the rest of your forces attack the GLA. Use them on the GLA and victory is yours. Then buy 50 to 75 Rocket Soldiers five for each Humvee and load them up in the Humvees. This can be used to defend your base or attack your enemy"s base. If you want to capture the enemy buildings as well, build about an extra five Humvees and load them up with Rangers, with Capture Building and Flashbangs.

Flashbangs are used to clear out garrisoned buildings. Also, upgrade those five Humvees with Scout Drones. Then, upgrade the Mine Cluster must gain three star generals first. When the Nuclear Missile is ready, drop the Mine Custer at the enemy base. After that, launch the Nuclear Missiles to where you dropped the mine.

Also have a Speaker to heal the troops. The Tank Hunters will kill all the tanks and the Gattling Tank will kill all the soldiers and aircraft. Have at least two APCs. Then, swam them with your infantry. Two armies for the price of one: Then, send a soldier or Jarrem inside the dozer.

You will be able to construct all the installations of that army. Once established, build a Technical and send it directly into your enemies base around the side where they have no defenses.

Considering this is done at the start, if you were quick enough they will not have any defenses at all yet. Once in the enemy"s base, start shooting their supply trucks or running over their workers that are collecting money. This will not work if the enemy is the USA; fill the Technical with Terrorists, go over to their base. If you are playing online, your enemy is most likely to surrender after this ordeal. When they are done, build two Supply Depots and send those two Construction Dozers to the area that you are defending.

When you have enough money and power, build a Bunker and a Gattling Gun next to it. When done with that, build moer Gattling Guns and about three or four more Bunkers. Fill the Bunkers with Rocket Soldiers. When they attack, the Rocket Soldiers will tear the vehicle apart and the Gattling Gun will kill the men.

When they attack by air, both the Rocket Soldiers and Gattling Guns will defend your base. First, fight against a GLA opponent. They will almost always build a Resource Collection building at other collection points other than the one nearest to their base.

Allow them to do so. Send a few Paladins accompanied by a duo of Humvees to eradicate one of these secondary bases.

Capture the building, and immediately build a Worker. Send him back to your base and you can start your own GLA force. Send both to the center of the city.

command and conquer generals zero hour crack file

Zero Hour unofficial patch 1.06 file

For extra damage, upgrade to TOW missiles. Beter to capture 3 enymy buildings. If you make a group of these combined with the minnigun turrets, nothin can get past it. But you have to use a Hex-Editor. Shoot with scutstorm anywere on the map with crtl. I have windows 8, DirectX 11, not sure of the video card….

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In this condition you have unlimited cash. Install the game - Full Installation. Each has its own unique leader and its own playing style. Post as a guest Sign In. At the movement worker finished his work capture arms dealer and barraks.

Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Free Download

command and conquer generals zero hour crack file

While these are going on keep an eye on the war. You will be able to construct all the installations of that army. So follow this trick. English Available in versions: Now you can "teleport" your units trough the tunnels just by puting them inside it. Defeat an enemy in less than 10, 5, or 3 minutes. Guest Nov 17 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Did this article help you? Do not change the lenght of the file or the game will not boot again. Next, build five Rocket Soldiers and a Humvee. Its best not to use faster units in this group because they get too far away from the overlords and get killed. Then, start making Inferno Cannons. Order units to destroy 2 tunnel networks,rebels.

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