Roland gr 55 patch

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Log in or Sign up. The Rules have been updated regarding posting as a business on TGP. Thread with details here: Jan 1, 1. Hey all, been toying around with my gr on gigs lately and I wanted to know if anyone on THIS forum still uses it. If so, do you have any really good live lead settings High gain type patches hard rock solos, not metal necessarily. Love the cleans and crunches already.

I have a roland gc-1 strat im using too AriBoiangiu , Jan 1, Jan 1, 2. The Eric Johnson patch set is a pretty good lead setting.

It's based on the "Wild Crunch" amp and a boost in front. Reincaster , Jan 1, Jan 1, 3. Thanks man, I have that one, but I'll try it again.

Looking for something great with one of the marshalls or boogies Jan 2, 4. Found a patch called singing tone the patch name is JP tone on the unit itself-sounds nice AriBoiangiu , Jan 2, Jan 2, 5. I still use mine all the time with my bass, have you tried the Gundy's Hero's patch set? If you have the GRFloorBoard editor, it comes bundled with about another patches. There are also loads of GR patches at the V-Guitars forum too.

Jan 2, 6. Jan 2, 7. I will check out the hero patches, but I never knew your librarian has 2k patches!!!! Jan 2, 8. The high gain Marshall factory patch don't recall the name is quite good, very expressive, but you have to use a good sounding guitar with passive pickups with it.

The modeled guitars fall way short with this patch and do not do it justice. But it gets tons of use with the acoustic modeling and as a synth. MKB , Jan 2, Jan 2, 9. Thanks mkb-I'm actually doing really well with my boss gt-8 and les Paul these days so I'm very happy with cosm models. Please tell me the name of the Marshall patch if u happen to remember it!

I went through all these gundy and included patches today -great sounds for sure but what cuts it live is another story-still some cool ones I'll try the Marshall patches with my strat. Jan 2, The GRFloorBoard editor is being updated every few months with new features. The current version has single patches, and 10 files with patch bundles.

I have a great patch on gt-8 but doesn't translate to the gr YET. Jan 3, I have my GR still in box waiting to dig in. The Andy Timmons patch on the forum is really nice, and a good starting platform aswell! There's a clean patch deep jc that might be the nicest 80s clean tone I ever heard.

The tones are all very alive, I'm just trying to recreate the sound of my LP copy with emg's that works so we'll with my gt-8 for crunch AriBoiangiu , Jan 3, Jan 7, Hey, bumping this cuz i'd love to hear from fellow GR owners! Having a lot of fun with all the tones including guitar tones AriBoiangiu , Jan 7, Jan 8, I use mine nearly every day, but I'm the lead patches are not my focus - I'm using it mostly with piezo equipped nylon or electric guitars to layer modelled bass parts and synth key parts on top of the guitar I have real guitars, so I don't see the point of modelling them.

I always run the guitar's piezo sound through a different system and with electric guitar I run the synth, piezo and magnetics all through different systems. If I want a mandolin and bass sound together I'll model an acoustic and shift the lower two or three strings down an octave and the top three or four up an octave.

I use the nylon string models a lot even when I'm playing nylon as if you shift the low strings down an octave it gives you a very good upright type sound. Add in one or two synth voices and the possibilities are endless. So yeah - not really using it the way it was intended, but it's working for me and working well. Amazing to hear how much usage you're getting from all the instruements in the box! But yeah, I'm looking to nail the basic tones first! The last two didnt cut live tho..

AriBoiangiu , Jan 8, Jan 15, I'm bumping this thread-have some tones that cut through the mix nicely, but nothing that sounds as good as my gt-8 lead tones believe it or not AriBoiangiu , Jan 15, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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roland gr 55 patch

Roland GR-55 Owner's Manual

High strings are a basic synth lead type sound into delay. So I'm assuming it's something I'm doing wrong with ReaperSyn, or the voice and parameters I've chosen simply cannot produce those fast notes. You can also find other commonly requested patches like Clean, Acoustic and Alternate tunings. I used ReaperSyn with a 0ms attack. Older model known for its exquisitely balanced sound. Troubleshooting If the GR is not producing sounds or if you think it is not operating properly, first check the following points. Sign up for the Roland Canada newsletter to keep up-to-date on new products, events and much more.

GR-55: How to Rock Out With Alternate Patches

The region above the cutoff frequency will be cut, making the sound more mellow. A sound with flat response. DA Conversion bit Sampling Frequency The tone will be adjusted inside the GR to ensure that the Switching GK Sets optimal sound will be heard on the specified device.

Roland GR-55

roland gr 55 patch

I have my GR still in box waiting to dig in. I went through all these gundy and included patches today -great sounds for sure but what cuts it live is another story-still some cool ones Download Patches Protect Your Patches! Provides an overview of key features, functions and operational tips. This type provides modified response for the rotary speaker, with the low end boosted Adjusts the deviation with further. Check out how to set up the GR Librarian, back up user patches, and load downloaded patches onto the GR here. Drums by Addictive Drums. So I mangled the end of the bowed sample by adding my own vibrato via playing before I remembered. Even then there's no arpeggiator hello, this is a synth product right?

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